About Morgan

Hi! My name is Morgan, thank you for visiting my website!


I found my artistic voice and expression when I was in high school. During that time, I was struggling to understand some of the thoughts and feelings that consumed me. After learning what my mental health entailed, I made art a priority in my life. Painting gave me a sense of clarity and the ability to connect with others, which were things I was lacking before I began to paint. I hope to encourage others to find their true form of self care through my art.


When I am not working on art, I am a social worker in Ann Arbor. I hope to incorporate art into the work I do in the field of social work. As of right now, the work I am doing impacts my art. It is created wholeheartedly.


I look at art as more than paint on a canvas. Art is a process, not a product. Every piece of mine holds a unique process and experience. I hope you find something, whether it’s meaningful or a small feeling of joy.


The following is the definition of the word “Morganic”:

Making new connections through abstract art by allowing your mind to wonder while your hands go along for the ride. Allowing the process to happen without the concepts of “failure” or “ugly.” Being present with each turn, stroke, color and mixture. Acknowledging that there is more than one way to understand and think about what has been made onto the canvas. There is an infinite number of pathways and connections within each piece.